Hourly Recruitment Model
Our Solutions :

We offers a variety of hourly service models to fit your needs.

Our Hourly model is a cost effective option that can be applied to every recruitment solution we offer:  End to End (per position), “Rent a Recruiter” Monthly Hourly, Contract Recruitment, Volume and Vendor Services Program solutions.

Monthly Hourly


The Monthly Hourly is our on-demand, partial cycle model, where we deliver a sourced/screened/qualified talent pool.  Clients can choose any combination of sourcing, research, name generation, and competitive mapping.   This is a good choice for clients who need talent pipelining, sourcing support, and/or research but don’t need assistance with end-to-end recruitment.


  This model can be applied to current openings or to support a pipeline of potential candidates for future opportunities. Our hourly monthly service can be utilized for multiple positions, and includes tools, technology, branding and marketing.


  • Position branding for each opening

  • Pipeline of candidates

  • You own the research making as many hires as you like


Hourly End-to-End


This model is designed for clients who want us to find their hire in an end-to-end recruiting service but would prefer to pay by the hour. This model is good for clients who are averse to an up-front fee, but would still like us to work the full recruitment life-cycle.

We are India's one of the top technology based recruitment process outsourcing company. We are based in Delhi, India and we almost work in all domain and in all job families with more than 90% retension rate in our candidate outsourcing services. We do all things in HR and Recruitment domain. Although we have created many models which can justify any kind of requirement in any Industry but on the basis of different requirement we can customized a requirement and can provide our services accordingly. We can create a separate model on any company's requirement which will be a cost effective for them. Please write to us about your requirement and we will send you the proposal. This is our policy that we always offer something free to our new clients so feel free to discuss your issues and we will surely support you. Write to us at info@aftermycollege.com for your requirement needs and we will get back to you with proper guidance with perfect strategy. 

Send us a quick info. 


  • Position Branding materials for the opening

  • We are responsible for the hire

  • We present a tight funnel of qualified candidates

  • We walk the candidate from open rec to on boarding